Euro Vita-Mins (120 comprimés) Scitec Nutrition

Euro Vita-Mins 120 caps

Euro Vita-Mins contains significant doses of the 23 most important vitamins and minerals.



EURO VITA-MINS from Scitec Nutrition is a formula containing 23 of the most important vitamins and minerals for the body.

Among the essential vitamins we count :

  • Vitamin C: reduces fatigue, promotes the proper functioning of the immune system and nervous system.
  • Vitamin B2: promotes good eyesight and red blood cells.

Among the important mineral salts we count :

  • Zinc: maintains normal testosterone levels, optimizes the metabolism of macronutrients, promotes fertility.
  • Selenium: protects against oxidative stress and contributes to healthy hair and nails.
  • The coenzyme Q10: supports the good functioning of the heart, the liver and the kidneys.

EURO VITA-MINS is a complete formula for the sportsmen and any person wanting to supplement its contributions in vitamins and minerals.

Economic formula, only 1 tablet per day.


Take one tablet a day with a meal.


One dose: 1 tablet
Number of doses per bottle: 120
For 1 tablet RDA* %. For 1 tablet RDI%* FOR 1 TABLET
Vitamin A 0.17 mg 21.8% Chromium 6.1 μg 15.3 %
Vitamin B1 0.85 mg 77.4% Copper 0.71 mg 70.7 %
Vitamin B2 1.20 mg 85.7% Iron 3.45 mg 24.6 %
Vitamin B3 9.10 mg 56.8% Magnesium 74.04 mg 19.7 %
Vitamin B5 2.30 mg 38.3% Manganese 0.38 mg 18.8 %
Vitamin B6 1.11 mg 79.4% Selenium 30.50 μg 55.4 %
Vitamin B12 50.00 μg 25.0% Zinc 1.86 mg 18.6 %
Vitamin C 0.7 μg 29.8% Coenzyme Q10 2.50 mg -
Vitamin D3 62.51 mg 78.1%
Vitamin E 2.52 mg 20.9%
*Recommended Daily Allowance.


Bulking agents: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium phosphates, potassium phosphates; magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), anti-caking agent: talc, iron fumarate, niacinamide (vitamin B3), dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate; zinc sulfate, sodium selenite, calcium D-pantothenate (vitamin B5), coenzyme Q10, copper sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), manganese sulfate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin A acetate, D-biotin (vitamin B8), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), chromium picolinate, potassium iodide, cholecalciferol (vitamin D).


Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Allergen information

Manufactured in a factory using milk, soy and egg proteins, gluten and peanuts.