Maximum Krea-Genic - 100 caps

Maximum Krea-Genic - 100 caps

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Maximum Krea-Genic for faster muscle gains thanks to this new-generation creatine!


Maximum Krea-Genic from Weider is a dietary supplement for athletes. These are swallowable capsules containing creatine monohydrate. The 3g of creatine per serving enhances physical performance during successive bursts of short-duration, high-intensity exercise. This product is designed for adults only, who perform high-intensity exercise.

Old bodybuilding wisdom reads: Muscle mass increases in proportion to strength. The opinion of many bodybuilders is that strength is actually a relatively insignificant aspect of strength training. Nevertheless, strength is necessary to stimulate the growth of muscle mass. This is why self-strength, which varies from person to person, is crucial. The greater the strength, the greater the muscle growth! Nevertheless, strength can be increased by up to 30%. These days, pauses between sets are also shorter. Short, strong growth training is now possible. Normal creatine only increases creatine memory, hence rapid strength. Whereas Maximum Krea-Genic provides even more energy, because less is broken down and stored faster in the muscle cell.

Product features:

- Remains stable in the stomach and blood (double buffer)
- Muscle gain almost without loss
- Singularly: two buffers in one molecular compound
- Rapid gain through natural use of the sodium-dependent transport mechanism
- Result: Pump - growth - strength

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