Maximum Krea-Genic, Powder - 554g

Maximum Krea-Genic, Powder - 554g

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Maximum Krea-Genic is a creatine, taurine and calcium-based pre-workout.


Maximum Krea-Genic contains added taurine for rapid absorption of Krea-Genic and cell protection. Added calcium increases muscle contraction capacity, so you can train intensely, even when dieting. Alanine for extra energy.

Important properties:

- Double buffering for longer stability,

- Complete absorption, directly into the muscles,

- With added training booster for increased pumping effect and strength,

- Extra calcium for maximum contraction.

The formula has been created from the most modern nutrients, after years of reflection by specialists in the science of training.

Maximum Krea-Genic contains no carbohydrates, just pure Krea-Genic, calcium, taurine and alanine.

Directions for use: mix 6.5 g of powder with 200 ml of water, preferably before training. Use as a 6-week course of treatment, followed by a 2-4 week rest.