Gold Core Whey 100: whey protein for muscle growth

Gold Core Whey 100: whey protein for muscle growth

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Boost your muscles with Gold Core Whey 100, a premium whey protein that promotes muscle growth, speeds recovery and gives you the energy you need to reach your sporting goals. Discover the power of Gold Core Whey 100 today!

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Strengthen your muscles with Gold Core Whey Protein 100

Looking for an effective way to improve sports performance and build muscle? Look no further, because Gold Core Whey Protein 100 is here to meet your needs. This powerful formula is specially designed to support muscle growth, recovery and energy, so you can reach your sporting goals in no time.

Stimulates muscle growth: Gold Core Whey 100 is enriched with essential amino acids, including BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine), which promote muscle protein synthesis. By consuming this protein after your workout, you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to repair and build muscle, helping you achieve visible results faster.

Accelerates recovery: after an intense workout, it's crucial to allow your body to recover quickly. Gold Core Whey Protein 100 is easily digestible and quickly absorbed by your body, making it an ideal choice for fast, effective recovery. As a result, you can minimize muscle soreness and pain, enabling you to train consistently and push your limits.

Increases energy and endurance: in addition to its muscle-building benefits, Gold Core Whey Protein 100 also contains essential carbohydrates and nutrients that provide a sustained source of energy. This means you can train harder and for longer, without feeling fatigued. You'll be able to push your limits and reach new heights in your sporting journey.

Superior quality for exceptional results

When you invest in a protein powder, you deserve the best possible quality. With Gold Core Whey Protein 100, you can be sure you're choosing a top-quality product that will deliver exceptional results. Here's what sets our protein apart from others on the market:

100% whey: Gold Core Whey 100 is made from 100% whey protein, a highly bioavailable protein source. This means your body can absorb and use it effectively to support muscle growth and recovery.

Purity and delicious taste: we're proud of the quality of our ingredients. Our Gold Core Whey Protein 100 is carefully filtered to remove impurities and produce a pure protein powder. What's more, we offer a range of delicious flavours so you can enjoy your protein shake to the full.

Easy to mix: nobody likes lumps in their protein shake. That's why we've made sure that our Gold Core Whey Protein 100 mixes easily with water or milk. The result is a smooth, creamy drink ready for quick consumption after your workout.

A smart choice for an active lifestyle

Gold Core Whey 100 is not just for professional athletes. It's also a smart choice for anyone looking to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Here's why you should start taking it now:

Weight management: if you're looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, Gold Core Whey Protein 100 can help. It's rich in protein, which promotes satiety and helps you control your appetite. By incorporating this protein into your diet, you can maintain a balanced diet while achieving your weight loss goals.

Nutritional support: our modern lifestyle can sometimes make it difficult to get all the nutrients our bodies need. Gold Core Whey Protein 100 is a convenient way to supplement your diet by adding a high-quality protein source to your daily routine. This helps you maintain a good nutritional balance to support your overall health.

Versatility: Gold Core Whey 100 is incredibly versatile. It can be used to prepare protein shakes, smoothies, protein pancakes and much more. Unleash your culinary creativity while enjoying the benefits of this premium protein.

How to use Gold Core Whey 100

Mix 30g of powder (1 serving) with 200ml of water or milk in a shaker and blend well. Take up to 3 servings a day.

Training days: 1 portion in the morning on waking, 1 portion after training and 1 portion at bedtime.

Rest days: 1 portion on waking, 1 portion between meals, 1 portion at bedtime.

Nutritional values

Energy value for 1 portion (30 gr)

451.87 kJ / 108 Kcal


1.05 g

Of which saturated acids

0.55 g


1.98 g

Of which sugars

1.92 g


22.65 g


0.1 g


28.65 g

Whey protein concentrate


Whey protein isolate


Hydrolyzed whey protein


Ingredients: Excipients ( Whey protein concentrate ( Milk ) , Whey protein isolate ( Milk ) , Hydrolyzed whey protein ( Milk ) ) Cacao , Excipients , Excipients ( Cellulose Gum , Xanthan gum ) , Excipients ( Sucralose )

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