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Whey 100 - New Formula

Whey 100 - New Formula

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Whey 100 New Formula from Trec Nutrition is a Whey protein enriched with vitamin D, B6 and zinc, and low in sugar.

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WHEY 100 NEW FORMULA is a dietary supplement that contains a high quality whey protein concentrate, healthy animal proteins, vitamins and minerals. This version is the new formula of Whey 100.

What will Whey 100 New Formula protein give you:

  • High protein content;
  • Low sugar content;
  • For people who are looking to increase or maintain their muscle mass;
  • Contains sweetener (sucralose);
  • Enriched with vitamins D and B6 and zinc, which contribute to a healthy immune system;
  • Available in 11 delicious flavors;
  • Contains only 0.8 g of sugar per serving.

The sweetener used in the production of WHEY 100 NEW FORMULA is sucralose.

The product dissolves and absorbs quickly, the vitamin D and calcium it contains support the functioning of the muscles, the zinc helps in the good synthesis of proteins, and the vitamin B6 contributes to the maintenance of a good metabolism of proteins and glycogen and to the maintenance of a good energy metabolism.


The protein supplement WHEY 100 NEW FORMULA is dedicated primarily to people who want to increase their muscle mass or maintain it at the desired level. In addition, this protein will meet the expectations of people concerned with supporting the immune system.

Recommended use :

- Training days: 1 serving in the morning upon waking, 1 serving 1.5 hours after training, 1 serving before bedtime.

- Rest days: 1 serving in the morning upon waking, 1 serving between main meals, 1 serving before bedtime.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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