Iodine from kelp - 250 tabs

Iodine from kelp - 250 tabs

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Iodine from kelp, a mixture of brown, red and green algae.


Great source of iodine
Promotes healthy thyroid function
Promotes healthy body weight

Kelp from Swanson is a unique formula that helps promote thyroid health. This oceanic plant is packed with nutrients and is a rich source of iodine, an essential mineral known to support thyroid function. Each kelp tablet provides 225 mcg of iodine.

Recommended Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet daily with water. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Nutritional Information:

1 dose = 1 tablet

For 1 dose: Iodine (kelp) 225 mcg, Atlantic kelp standardized to 0.4% iodine 56 mg.