Day & Night Casein 1800 gr

Day & Night Casein 1800 gr

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Casein protein for the night by Weider of excellent nutritional quality and delicious taste.


Day and Night Casein is ideal as a last meal before bed, or as a snack between meals in any training phase. It is the best alternative to cottage cheese and low-fat cottage cheese, as it has a wonderfully creamy consistency, which gives it a fantastic taste and makes it extremely nutritious.

In addition to taking casein day and night, we recommend a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional values :

For 1 dose (25 gr): calories 391 kcal/

Use: mix 25 gr of powder (1 measure) in 300 ml of skimmed milk or water.

This protein is ideal to take before going to bed.

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