Fitking Delicious Vegan Bar - 15 x 55 gr

Fitking Delicious Vegan Bar - 15 x 55 gr

Vegan hyperprotein bar of 55g dosed with 13g of protein. A delicious bar that is suitable for vegetarians.


FitKING DELICIOUS PROTEIN BAR is a vegan high-protein bar containing a carefully selected protein blend (13g per bar). It has a delicious, soft and velvety base, with a layer of crunchy balls and caramel, all covered with a delicate milk chocolate.

Gone are the days of dry, hard, tasteless protein bars!

The Fitking Delicious Protein Bar from Allnutrition is a complete new addition to the protein bar category. You've never tasted anything like it before! Now when you crave a delicious bar, you don't have to choose between protein content, creaminess, sugar content or delicious taste... The Fitking Delicious Bar has it all!

The Fitking Delicious Bar fromAllnutrition is made with only the finest ingredients, all combined to create a nutritious and appetizing snack. Have the perfect bar to satisfy your hunger while enjoying great macronutrients and great taste.

No sugar added.

Box of 15 bars.

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