Beta-Glucan - 120 caps

Beta-Glucan - 120 caps

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Beta-glucan from Weider is a formula to stimulate the immune system in everyone. It helps fight viruses and other potential pathogens.


Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that comes from the cell walls of baker's yeast; it activates the body's most important immune cells, called macrophages. Macrophages circulate throughout the body and fight viruses, fungal infections, cancer cells and other potential pathogens.

By speeding up the macrophage response, beta-glucan sets off a chain reaction so that the body forms antibodies to fight foreign substances.

Everyone can benefit from taking Beta Glucan Weider, whether they play sports regularly or not. The elderly, whose immune system weakens with age, can also benefit from its intake.

Directions for use : take 3 capsules per day.