GEAAR - 378g

GEAAR - 378g

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Mutant GEAAR allows you to develop your muscle mass to its full capacity and promote your recovery.


Mutant GEAAR allows you to build muscle mass to its fullest capacity and promote recovery. It contains over 10 grams of active ingredients in one serving: 100% vegan free form amino acids fermented to optimize product solubility. Arginine, an amino acid needed during periods of overtraining or prolonged dieting, as it increases nitric oxide. 7g of BCAAs and 4g of Leucine. Natural electrolytes to maximize performance.

Mutant GEAAR is without doubt the most complete EAA supplement on the market!

Highlights of GEAAR Mutant:

  • Promotes muscle growth and recovery
  • Loaded with leucine
  • Clinical dose of 4 g - the highest dose of any EAA
  • Metabolized into HICA and HMB for anti catabolic effects
  • Activates mTOR = increases protein synthesis
  • 9.4 g EAA + Arginine
  • Increases requirements for overtraining and dieting
  • Increases insulin, nitric oxide and nutrient intake
  • 7g of BCAAs (8:3:3) - the highest dose of any EAA
  • Fermented/Vegetal Amino Acids (micronized and instantized)

Recommended Use: Mix 1 scoop (12.6 grams) with 250-500 ml of cold water. For best results consume during training.

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