Anabolic Amino 9000, Mega Tabs - 300 tabs

Anabolic Amino 9000, Mega Tabs - 300 tabs

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Extra strong amino acid formula of superior quality, easily assimilated to develop lean muscle mass.


A complete protein preparation, in which a high quality enzymatic hydrolysate of the two best animal protein sources - whey protein and chicken protein - is the main source of protein. This combination provides an amino acid profile not found in any other hydrolyzed protein preparation. In addition, the use of chicken protein hydrolysate in ANABOLIC AMINO 9000 MEGA TABS increases glycine content by more than 6 times, L-arginine by 2 times, L-proline by 1.8 times and L-alanine by 1.4 times.

Glycine participates in the transfection of signals in the central nervous system by serving as a transmitter (activator of NMDA receptors), constitutes the substrate for the synthesis of nucleic acid components (necessary for the synthesis of proteins) and contributes to the smooth running of hematopoietic processes (synthesis of hemoglobin).

L-alanine, in addition to its function of building the structural proteins of the body, is used in the liver for the synthesis of glucose, thus protecting against muscle cannibalism (when taken before training) or contributing to a rapid supplementation of energy reserves and protein synthesis (taken after training).

The twice as high L-arginine content in ANABOLIC AMINO 9000 MEGA TABS compared to the standard protein hydrolisate available on the market leads to an increase in the synthesis of nitrous oxide, positively contributing to the blood circulation of the muscles and their supply of macroelements. In addition, the high intake of L-arginine in ANABOLIC AMINO 9000 MEGA TABS has a stimulating effect on the secretion of growth hormone, which is very important during the post-exercise period. It is also important that L-arginine, belonging to the group of alkaline amino acids, plays a major role in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance of the body, which is strongly disturbed by intensive training. This is why the very high content of L-arginine in ANABOLIC AMINO 9000 MEGA TABS is so important.


  • High quality amino acid formula
  • 80% protein in each serving
  • Product with an excellent assimilation
  • Support in the development of lean muscle mass

L-proline is the key structural amino acid playing a major role in protein synthesis and general metabolism, rapid healing of wounds and injuries, anti-oxidation reactions and immunological response. Its high content in ANABOLIC AMINO 9000 MEGA TABS can therefore not be overestimated.

As for the absorption kinetics of this product based on di- and tripeptides and to a large extent free amino acids, it guarantees the rapid saturation of the sportsman's body with the necessary amino acids and the maintenance of the anabolic state for more than an hour from the moment of consumption. The application of whey protein hydrolisate (BV=104) also intensifies the absorption of chicken protein. Both protein sources ensure that a positive nitrogen balance is maintained in the body, even during the most intensive training sessions. The hydrolisate used also ensures a high level of branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, BCAA), which are so effective in hindering training-related catabolism.

Ingredients: 55% Anabolic Amino 9000 formula (whey protein hydrolysate (from milk), chicken protein hydrolysate), collagen protein hydrolysate, bulking agents - calcium carbonate; firming agent - calcium phosphate; anti-caking agents - magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; flavor.

Directions for use :

According to your weight take per day :

Up to 70 kg - 6 tablets (3 x 2 tablets)

70 to 90 kg - 9 tablets. (3 x 3 tablets)

90-105 kg - 12 tablets. (3 x 4 tablets)

Over 105 kg - 15 tablets (3 x 5 tablets)